Yours Truly Interviewed on “Dear Stephen King”

Hi everyone,

I got into writing this blog because, well, I love pubs, but I also love blogs. I read heaps of them. Art blogs, sport blog, health, comics, graffiti…let’s just say that chances are if I’m not in a pub then I’m in front of my computer reading blogs.

So I was stoked when Shan, author of Dear Stephen King, approached me for an interview.

To quote Shan on why she writes Dear Stephen King:

“I love to engage with literature – with the ideas, emotions and human experience captured in words on print. ‘DearStephenKing’ is a channel for all the thoughts swimming around in my little head regarding the various books I read. Stephen King happens to be one of my favourite authors, though by no means will my ramblings be contained to his works.”

The interview was heaps of fun to write and combines my love of beer and reading.

Check out Dear Stephen King here.

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