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Every week I’m not only visiting new pubs and talking to new people, I’m also trawling the interwebs for relevant sites and resources. As I go I’m slowly building up this page into what I hope will be the ultimate links page for the discerning Melbourne drinker.

Pub sites:

The All Nations Hotel (Richmond)

The Angel Tavern (Malvern)

The Arcadia Hotel (South Yarra)

The Argo (South Yarra)

The Baden Powell Hotel (Collingwood)

Hotel Barkley (St Kilda)

The Barley Corn Hotel (Collingwood)

The Bendigo Hotel (Collingwood)

The Bridge Hotel (Richmond)

The British Crown Hotel (Collingwood)

Brown’s Corner Hotel (Coburg)

The Carringbush Hotel (Abbotsford)

The Castle Hotel (North Melbourne)

The Clare Castle (Carlton)

The Clyde Hotel (Carlton)

The College Lawn Hotel (Prahran)

The Commercial Hotel (Yarraville)

The Corkman Irish Pub (Carlton)

The Courthouse (North Melbourne)

The Cherry Tree Hotel (Richmond)

The Cricketers Arms (Port Melbourne)

The Cricketers Arms (Richmond)

The Cricket Club Hotel (South Melbourne)

Customs House Hotel (Williamstown)

The Dan O’Connell Hotel (Carlton)

The Dick Whittington Tavern (St Kilda)

The Emerald Hotel (South Melbourne)

The Esplanade Hotel (St Kilda)

ET’s Hotel (Prahran)

The Exchange (Port Melbourne)

The Fleece Hotel (South Melbourne)

The Flying Duck Hotel (Prahran)

The Fox Hotel (Collingwood)

The Gasometer Hotel (Collingwood)

The Gem Bar (Collingwood)

The George Hotel (South Melbourne)

The Glass House Hotel (Collingwood)

The Golden Gate Hotel (South Melbourne)

The Grace Darling Hotel (Collingwood)

The Grand Hotel (Richmond)

The Grandview Hotel (Fairfield)

The Grayhound Hotel (St Kilda)

The Great Britain Hotel (Richmond)

The Great Norther Hotel (Carlton North)

The Hotel Albian (Port Melbourne)

The John Curtain Hotel (Carlton)

Khyat’s Hotel (Brighton)

The Kingston Hotel (Richmond)

The Laird Hotel (Abbotsford)

The Leinster Arms Hotel (Collingwood)

The Limerick Hotel (South Melbourne)

Hotel Lincoln (Carlton)

The Local (Port Melbourne)

The Local Taphouse (St Kilda)

The London (Port Melbourne)

The London Tavern (Caulfield South)

The London Tavern (Richmond)

The Malvern Hotel (Malvern)

The Maori Chief Hotel (South Melbourne)

The Marine Hotel (Brighton)

The Marquis of Lorne (Fitzroy)

The Mentone Hotel (Mentone)

The Mona Castle Hotel (Seddon)

The Montague Hotel (South Melbourne)

The Mount Erica Hotel (Prahran)

The Mountain View Hotel (Richmond)

The Napier Hotel (Fitzroy)

The National Hotel (Richmond)

The New Bay Hotel (Brighton)

Newmarket Hotel (St Kilda)

The Palmerston Hotel (South Melbourne)

The Park Hotel (Abbotsford)

The Pier (Port Melbourne)

The Plough Hotel (Footscray)

The Post Office Hotel (Coburg)

The Prince Albert Hotel (Williamstown)

The Prince Alfred Hotel (Port Melbourne)

The Prince Patrick Hotel (Collingwood)

The Prince of Wales Hotel (St Kilda)

Pugg Mahones (Carlton)

The Queensberry Hotel (Carlton)

The Railway Hotel (South Melbourne)

The Railway Hotel (West Melbourne)

The Railway Club Hotel (Port Melbourne)

Republica (St Kilda)

The Retreat Hotel (Abbotsford)

The Retreat Hotel (Brunswick)

The Richmond Club Hotel (Richmond)

The Rifle Club Hotel (Williamstown)

The Robert Burns Hotel (Collingwood)

The Royal Mail Hotel (West Melbourne)

The Royston (Richmond)

The Sloaney Pony (Port Melbourne)

The Stags Head Hotel (Williamstown)

The Standard Hotel (Fitzroy)

The Station Hotel (Footscray)

The Station Hotel (Prahran)

The Steampacket Hotel (Williamstown)

The Swallows (Port Melbourne)

The Swan Hotel (Windsor)

The Terminus Hotel (Abottsford)

The Terminus Hotel (North Fitzroy)

The Tote Hotel (Collingwood)

The Town Hall Hotel (North Melbourne)

Victoria on Hyde (Yarraville)

The Village Belle Hotel (St Kilda)

The Woodlands Hotel (Coburg)

The Yacht Club Hotel (Williamstown)

Young and Jackson (CBD)

The Yorkshire Hotel (Abottsford)


Fed Square Microbrewery Showcase

This twice yearly event brings together all the best micro brewers. My tip is to get your tickets in advance to avoid the queue to get your vouchers and don’t waste time once in. They’re very strict about finishing on time and the last couple of times I didn’t even get half way around when they shut off the taps and asked everyone to leave (you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here).

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  1. EatNow AUS
    Feb 21, 2013

    Great list of pubs. Thanks for sharing.

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